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Domestic Pets at Large

Posted on Friday, November 15, 2013 10:41 PM

Recently there has been a significant increase in dogs and cats at large in Langham and/or have been turned in at town office. Town staff is currently spending a concerning amount of time administering these cases.

The Town of Langham wishes to remind its residents of the Dog and Cat Bylaw, 2009 in effect, specifically:

  • Every person within the Municipality who owns, possesses, harbors or keeps a dog or dogs; or cat or cats; or acquires one or more dogs or cats shall obtain a license for each dog or cat from the Administrator.
  • Pets are prohibited from the 4th Street Soccer Fields at all times of the day, 7 days a week.
  • If a dog or cat defecates on any public or private property other than on the private property of the owner, possessor or harborer of the said dog or cat, the owner, possessor, keeper or harborer of the dog or cat shall cause such defecation to be removed.
  • No owner shall permit his dog or cat to cause a disturbance by barking or howling or hissing or fighting or otherwise make disruptive noises deemed to be a nuisance.
  • The owner of a dog or cat shall not permit his dog or cat to run at large.

Note - Subject to Schedule B of the Dog and Cat Bylaw, 2009 if your cat or dog is brought to the town office you will be subject to fines including the purchase of a license (if the animal is unlicensed). Other fines shall include a one time $50 pound fee and may include additional fines before the animal will be released including an additional $15 for every additional day your animal is being held.

Owners of animals found running at large, causing a nuisance, or damaging private property
will also be subject to additional fines related to subsequent activity (Schedule C).

Click here to view the current Dog and Cat Bylaw for further information.

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