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Zoning & Community Planning

In Langham, planning means focusing on responsible and sustainable growth.

That means building a town where people can live, work and grow.

It also means creating an urban environment where residents feel supported and engaged, and can enjoy all the amenities of city life while enjoying the peace and comfort of small town life.

Zones are the areas in which a town is divided according to how the land in each area is to be used.

Zoning bylaws and guidelines use these areas to determine what is allowed, what isn't allowed, and what is encouraged to be developed.

Zoning guidelines and regulations are the rules that, for example:

  • Keep an industrial manufacturing plant being built in the midst of a residential neighbourhood.
  • Help ensure a heritage neighbourhood maintains its unique and historical character.
  • Encourage new building and renovations that are sustainable for the long-term.

Click here to view our Zoning Bylaw.

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