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Public Works

The following section is for residents to learn more about their public works department and sample the exhaustive list of activities they are responsible for.

Public works is the work your town does to build, protect and provide items such as:

  • roads
  • water and sewer pipes
  • parks
  • landscaping
  • street signage
  • water drainage
  • snow removal

Each year our public works department is hard at work on the maintenance of our town’s infrastructure.

During the winter they are responsible for keeping our streets clear of snow and removing it from our homes to mitigate potential flooding in the spring time. In the summer months they working on improving drainage, upgrading our aging water and sewer pipes (sometimes removing tree roots), making road improvements, keeping our soccer fields and parks mowed, and attending to unpredictable public works incidents.

Should you wish to see some of the projects our public works department is working on keep an eye on our Active Development Applications section of this website.

Note! For any urgent utility or public works incidents outside of business hours, please contact the After Hours Problem Line (306) 283-4994. During business hours please contact the Town Office (306) 283-4842.

Please direct general comments about public works programming or projects to the Town Office.


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