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Senior Services & Volunteerism

Senior Services

The Town of Langham has extensive programing for our seniors. The following is some of the following activities and programs available:

  • Plus 60 Coffee Hour
  • Plus 60 Activities, Tours, Potlucks etc.
  • Forever in Motion
  • Riverhills Golf and Ski Club
  • Borden Dance Club
  • Langham Curling Club

For more information about any of the above or other programming and activities for our seniors please contact the Recreation Director, at (306) 283-4842.


Volunteerism is what built this community. It is volunteers that run our rinks, build our parks and run our recreation programs. The Town of Langham realizes the importance of volunteerism in small town Saskatchewan and is currently working on developing a program that will better show this recognition. It is our intention to improve how we thank those who come out but also to find a way to attract more, younger generations to see value in giving back to their community.

We welcome your comments and suggestions during the development of this plan and encourage people to contact the Director of Community, Economic Development, and Recreation, Andrea Carroll, at (306) 283-4842 or at ecdev@langham.ca with your great ideas.

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