Located in Saskatchewan, Canada just 20 minutes from Saskatoon and John G. Diefenbaker International Airport, the Town of Langham – safe, clean and friendly – strives to maintain its small-town atmosphere. Providing convenience in its location, the community offers an affordable place to raise a family, with quality educational facilities, new opportunities for development, and quality infrastructure. Looking ahead, a positive future for Langham is about promoting and creating a community that people want to live in by continuing to enhance, support and provide opportunities for:

  • a strong basic business core;
  • proactive improvement plan for utilities;
  • attractive recreation, arts, cultural and social programming;
  • affordable, mixed housing with an emphasis on seniors housing;
  • a clean and attractive community; and
  • the provision of basic services.
    Summer Registration Payment Options:
  • Summer Pass $40/Child
  • Family Pass $30/Child (if registering 2 or more children)
  • Punch Pass $20/Pass (10 activities throughout the summer)
  • Drop-In $3/Child (registration form is required)