Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling | Waste Management

Managing waste is expensive and messy for towns. So in an effort to promote sustainable and healthy living, and to reduce the costs associated with managing and emptying the transfer station, the Town of Langham has several options available for residents and businesses to dispose of unwanted items:

The more residents, businesses and contractors work together to help everyone utilize and promote the following options, the better we can reduce costs and time spent on managing waste. Let’s help support sustainable and responsible growth for Langham.

Community Living Bins  (Clothing and Household Items)

  • Too many clothes?  The Saskatchewan Institute of Community Living (SICL) is a non-profit organization that collects donated clothing and other household items throughout Saskatchewan. All proceeds from the items you donate supports individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families in Saskatchewan, as well as the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living.
  • A Community Living Yellow Bin is located on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Avenue where residents can donate gently used clothing. Please note the town has a zero-tolerance for clothing left in bags outside the bin. Bags or any other items left outside the bins will not be picked up and may be thrown away.
  • Note! Community Living also does free pick up from your home! For a free pickup of clothing or reusable household items call (306) 477-2171 or send them a message online and they will come right to your door! to your house.

Paint and Paint Aerosols

  • Paint can be dropped off without charge at any SARCAN depot. See the Product Care website for all the details on how and where to recycle paint in Saskatchewan.

Sarcan has the following Five locations:


621 9th Street North Unit B

Martensville, SK S0K 2T0 Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm Saturday: Closed Phone (306) 242-4759
South End Saskatoon

20A – 2605 Broadway Avenue

Saskatoon, SK S7J 0Z5 Mon – Fri: 9am -5pm Saturday: 9am -5pm Phone: (306) 975-7188
East Side Saskatoon

350B 103rd Street East

Saskatoon, SK S7N 6M5 Mon – Fri: 9am -5pm Saturday: 9am -5pm Phone: (306) 373-3386
West Side Saskatoon

#7 – 2305 22nd Street West

Saskatoon, SK S7M 0V6 Mon – Fri: 9am -5pm Saturday: 9am – 5pm Phone: (306) 384-5699
North Side Saskatoon

3803 Kochar Ave

Saskatoon, SK S7P 0A3 Mon – Fri: 9am -5pm Saturday: 9am -5pm Phone: (306) 975-0650


  • Sarcan depots accept (at no charge) old or unwanted electronics. This includes desktop computers, notebook computers, monitors, desktop printers, televisions, personal/portable audio/video playback and /or recording systems, home audio/video playback, recording systems, home theatre in a box, vehicle audio and video systems, non-cellular telephones and answering machines.