Langham Parks | Play Grounds

Langham Community Park

The Community Park location is highly visible to Highway 16.
Entering into Langham, you are treated to a beautiful area that offers visitors
a chance to get out of their vehicle and stretch their legs,
admire the gardens, stop by the gazebo for a bagged lunch picnic or shady rest. 


The Park is a place where our residents and visitors a can take a leisure stroll on the walking paths, work on their fitness, relax, read, and enjoy nature.






Photo Credit: Julie Schappert  | Stones + Glass Designs 

Langham Spray Park


The splash pad is located in Community Park
and is surrounded by picnic tables,
benches, a gazebo, swing set,
and is beautifully landscaped.


The Spray Park is open
10 am to 8 pm from June – September
(weather permitting) 


The washroom located at the Langham Community Park is available for use during the hours of 10 am – 8 pm daily, during the Spray Park season.

Penner Park

Penner Park is a beautiful relaxing area located on Main Street in Langham.

As you enjoy the beauty of nature,
enjoy sitting on the park bench,
or enjoy a picnic under the tall tress
situated in the park.

A newly wooden play truck was built and placed in
Penner Park for kids to play and use their imagination.


Photo Credit: Julie Schappert  | Stones + Glass Designs 

Vikings Victory Park


The Playground is located on the corner of
4th Ave and 4th St East, Langham.







The park has a large play structure and seating to enjoy nature as kids are at play.
Photo Credit: Julie Schappert  | Stones + Glass Designs 

Langham Skate Park 

Location: 300 3rd St East, Langham     
Walter W Brown School

Langham Skate Park Campaign is a group of community members dedicated to fundraising, planning and construction of a skateboard park in Langham that opened in 2017.