Job Opportunities

Arena Operator- Job Description
Part Time/ Casual- Seasonal Position
The Arena Operators will be under the supervision of the Facility Manager and/or Town Foreman and will help with the upkeep and maintenance of the Langham Centennial Arena in the winter months. The main duties of the Arena Operator are listed below, other duties may arise at the discretion of the Facility Manager or the Town Foreman;
• Sweeping and mopping the floors, keeping the facility clean and clear of potential tripping and slipping hazards.
• Stocking the bathrooms with paper towel, soap and toilet paper.
• Keeping the washrooms and dressing rooms clean, including the floors and garbage’s.
• Keeping the sidewalk and entrance area of the arena clear, particularly in the winter month’s snow must be kept clear from the entrance of the facility.
• General operation of the Zamboni and ice maintenance.
• Customer service- Ensuring the basic needs of the facility patrons are meet, if situations arise that require further attention the Arena Operator must contact the Facility Manager and/or Town Foreman.
Those interested, please submit your application to prior to 5:00pm November 26, 2021.